Schedule your scans on BCS security platform for constant monitoring

Schedule your scans on BCS security platform for constant monitoring


Dear Patron,

In an attempt to offer more tools for ensuring the security of your smart contract, we have added a new feature for scheduling scans of your smart contracts. This new feature on the BlockChainSentry platform is to help users to automate the scanning of smart contracts as per their requirements in a very scheduled manner. This will enable them to be always informed about the security of their decentralized application at multiple touch points.

Users just have to click on the scheduled scans menu and it displays all the scheduler lists that are added by the users.

Scheduler Name: The user can give Scheduler name while setting up the schedule scanning.

Scan Date: The date, time, month, year, and time of scheduled scan is shown at the display for users.

Next Scan Date: As per the scan frequency set by the user, the next scheduled scan information is given for quick reference.

Frequency: Users can set the frequency of scanning smart contracts as – daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly.

Source Type: Users would know the source of files like GitHub Scan, Smart Contract Address, etc.

Scanner Version: Scanner version like scan V1, and scan V2 is shared with the user

Scan Type: Scan type like quick scan, deep scan, and scan V2 is shared with the user

Actions: Users can edit the schedule, update the schedule, delete the schedule


This new scheduler feature on BCS is a very useful tool for regularly checking the security hygiene of your smart contracts. It can give extra mileage to the blockchain developers and senior management to constantly keep an eye on any new possible vulnerability entering at any given point in time.

BlockChainSentry (BCS) team is committed to providing you with best-in-class products and solutions for Blockchain security and building TRUST in blockchain technology to secure from all possible cyber vulnerabilities.

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