Secure your Smart Contract

Smart Contract Security Automations, Security Audits, Blockchain Application Development, CyberSecurity
Web3 based Platform

Find and Fix Smart Contract Vulnerabilities

Discover →Prioritize →Eliminate vulnerabilities at every stage of your Blockchain smart contract development
We help you deploy your smart contracts with 100% security with our 360* blockchain security solutions
Designed for EVM and TVM Blockchains, Engineered to protect your Smart Contracts.
BlockChainSentry platform shields any Smart Contract from vulnerabilities, and its comprehensive coverage helps you meet ERC/GDPR standards.

Smart Contract Security

Continuously find and fix vulnerabilities in your smart contracts.

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Smart Contract Audits

In depth audits with reports, prior to deploying your smart contracts.

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Blockchain Application Development

We help you develop multiple blockchain application solutions – Identity management, eKYC, Proof of ownership, Customer Loyalty applications, decentralized Middleware, vulnerability detectors

DApp development

Bespoke design and development of DeX and NFT marketplaces for buying, selling, and trading assets, backed by Crypto and NFTs.

Test Automation

ISO-9001 & ISO-27001 certified company with deep expertise in Test Automation techniques

Cyber Security

Equip your organizations with cyber intelligence to keep your Blockchain infrastructure secure from cybersecurity threats

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Expert Support To Enhance Your Cyber Defenses

Smart Contract Security

Protect smart contracts from Cyberattacks by eliminating Code vulnerabilities

  • Static and Dynamic automated scanning
  • IDE Plugins - IntelliJ, IDE, Remix, VS Code
  • EVM, TVM Compatible
  • 136+ Vulnerability detection and remediation
  • Downloadable Vulnerability Reports
  • Scan Scheduler

Find and fix vulnerabilities in your smart contracts. An essential tool for smart contract developers, CISOs and businesses building Blockchain, dApps, DeFi and Web3 applications.


We Bring Cyber Security Expertise to the Blockchain

We are the security experts so that your team .

  • Extemly low response time at all time
  • We are always ready for your growth
  • We understand security and compliance
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