Security Audits

Manage security of your Smart Contracts with BlockChainSentry Security Audit Solution

BlockChainSentry’s detailed security assessment of smart contract code identifies more than 130 types of vulnerabilities with remediation procedures to patch them before deployment. We help you detect threats and protect your smart contracts from publicly known vulnerabilities to any hidden vulnerabilities.

BlockChainSentry is the fastest growing smart contract security company that offers comprehensive smart contract audit solutions to help you launch and maintain secure decentralized blockchain applications and protects you from expensive cyber exploits,

1. Security Audit Process flow

To check the smart contract codes, BCS security auditors scan through BCS smart contract security platform for audit purposes

2. Reliability Audit

Comprehensive code review to detect loopholes in smart contracts. Our top security Auditor checks the code reliability of smart contracts with detailed analysis.

3. Functional Audit

We review rule-based audit checkpoints. Our audit methodology and tools review code logic to ensure your smart contracts work as intended.


Why BlockChainSentry?


Benefits of auditing your Smart Contracts with BlockChainSentry

Accurate Reporting

Trustworthy, reliable, and accurate reports in identifying weaknesses and avoiding them.

Rule-Based Auditing

Fits your smart contract code. .

Risk Prioritization

Risk classification level with respect to common vulnerabilities exposure and SWC registry

Remediation Report

In-build technical report to fix vulnerabilities within a typical time frame..