BlockChainSentry - About Us

BlockChainSentry is a funded California startup It has its principal development offices in Bangalore, India and Concord, CA, USA. The company works closely with the Delixus group which includes Delixus USA, Delixus Software India (P) Ltd.

BlockChainSentry offers products and services to the BlockChain security market worldwide. This market, currently estimated to be US$2.4 billion is projected to grow to more than US$2 trillion by 2030. As a recognized leader in Cyber Security services staffed by more than 100 experienced senior engineers, BlockChainSentry along with the Delixus group is uniquely positioned to serve this dynamic global market.

BlockChainSentry has more than 100 senior engineers with extensive experience in Cyber Security technology stacks. The development and support facilities are based in Bangalore, India, a world class IT hub with one of the largest concentrations of IT engineers and engineering colleges in the world. Our associates Delixus Inc have served as subcontractors to some of the largest Cyber Security firms in the world. Our processes are world class and are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.



Our vision is for BlockChainSentry to be a key player in the global network of companies that detect and remediate blockchain vulnerabilities and assist the industry in preventing cybercrime.


The mission of BlockChainSentry is to develop and provide products and services that enable our clients to detect, analyze, display, and remediate blockchain vulnerabilities and reduce the cost to combat cybercrime.

Value Creation

We add value to our clients through the detection and remediation of blockchain vulnerabilities.

Our Expert Team


Dr N Ahmed

Founder, Chief Advisor

Akbar Ahmed

Founder, CEO

AH Khan

President, COO

Pradeep Goudra

Senior Vice President - Engineering