BlockChainSentry is nominated as a finalist in T-Mobile’s 2022/2023 Global T-Challenge

BlockChainSentry is nominated as a finalist in T-Mobile’s 2022/2023 Global T-Challenge


Dear Patron,

We are excited to share with you that BlockChainSentry has been nominated as a finalist by T-Mobile in a global competition for Web3-based Customer Engagement and Loyalty Programs. BlockChainSentry is one among 18 finalists in different categories for the year 2022-23. This is a tremendous achievement for our team. It gives us an opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge R&D in innovative Web3 technologies for the telecom sector.

T-Challenge is organized by T-Lab and T-Mobile US, (Deutsche Telekom). Teams are invited from all over the world to showcase their ideas for future Web3 solutions in telecommunications. This year’s T-Challenge is designed to fuel new innovations in Web3 technologies and spark a change in business models across the globe through open-source innovations. The challenge is aimed at identifying and supporting the development of new technological innovations and solutions in several categories, namely, Sustainability, Network and Infrastructure, Customer Engagement and Loyalty, Media Entertainment and Experiential, and Decentralised IDs and Wallets.

BlockChainSentry and other finalists will make their presentations to the business and technology leaders of Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile US in Bonn, Germany in May 2023. The 6 best solutions will win prizes of 600,000 Euros. The winning solutions will be featured by T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom across Europe and the U.S. This premium worldwide competition is designed to highlight how 5G and decentralized technologies can be used to transform Web3 applications..

We are grateful to T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom for this opportunity to exhibit our Web3-based Customer Loyalty Application for effective reward management and improved customer retention with targeted marketing for brand affinity. Our team is pushing the boundaries to bring the most efficient customer loyalty programs for telecommunication users and we are excited to move forward on this rewarding journey with T-Challenge.

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With Gratitude,

Team BlockChainSentry