Now BlockChainSentry IntelliJ plugin is available for Blockchain development community

Now BlockChainSentry IntelliJ plugin is available for Blockchain development community


Dear Patron,

We are happy to announce that BlockChainSentry has just published the BCS IntelliJ plugin on the marketplace.

The benefit of the IntelliJ plugin is early detection of vulnerabilities during the development lifecycle for smart contract developers. This is a big step in enhancing productivity and it also helps in developing more secure and vulnerability-free smart contract codes.

In order to use the BCS IntelliJ Integrated development extension (IDE) plugin, either users should already have the IntelliJ tool on their local system, or they can go to the IntelliJ marketplace and install it. Once it is installed users should search for the BlockChainSentry plugin in the settings menu of the tool.


It is essential for the users to first create BCS credentials on BlockChainSentry in order to use the BCS IntelliJ Plugin. With valid BCS credentials, users can review their smart contract code with this plugin. This plugin allows you to scan, quick scan, and deep scan your code and provides your scan details and remediation steps.


This is a very useful tool for blockchain developers and site reliability engineers (SRE) who are involved in smart contract development.

At BlockChainSentry (BCS) we are committed to providing you with best-in-class products and solutions for Blockchain security. Our IntelliJ plugin is a very useful tool for the blockchain developer community to build TRUST in blockchain technology and make it secure from all possible cyber vulnerabilities.

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Team BlockChainSentry

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