BCS Remix Plugin for blockchain developers

BCS Remix Plugin for blockchain developers


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BCS Remix Plugin is now available for blockchain developers who are developing smart contract codes using the Remix plugin. The Remix tool which has intuitive GUIs, is used by experts as well as beginners alike working on the Ethereum blockchain.

The new BCS Remix plugin makes it easy for the developers to continually scan the smart contract code during the entire life cycle of the smart contract development.

With BCS Remix plugin developers can check smart contract code vulnerabilities and remediate them immediately. This will help them to come up with stronger and more secure smart contracts before deployment on a blockchain.

The contract developers can scan their code with both quick and deep scan detectors and identify multiple vulnerabilities.

How to install BCS Remix plugin

For using the BCS Remix plugin go to Remix IDE, click on the plugin icon and add it as a local plugin. In the link section, add this URL - https://remix.blockchainsentry.com, and click OK to activate your BCS Remix Plugin.


After activating your BCS Remix Plugin, go to the BCS icon and create your BCS credential for using the tool.


Please read the detailed user document to know how to use BCS Remix Plugin for scanning your smart contracts - https://remix.blockchainsentry.com/docs

This Plugin is very useful for smart contract developers to eliminate possible vulnerabilities and code weaknesses during the smart contract development itself. This will enable them to deliver vulnerability-free blockchain projects. This plugin is available on the marketplace for free installation.,

BlockChainSentry (BCS) is continually working on providing various tools and techniques for supporting the blockchain community to come up with best-in-class Blockchain projects. At BlockChainSentry we are committed to building TRUST in blockchain technology and making it secure from all possible cyber vulnerabilities.

*You can reach us hello@blockchainsentry.com for enquiries.

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