Two new features enhancements in BlockChainSentry VMS application

Two new features enhancements in BlockChainSentry VMS application


Dear Patrons,

We are delighted to share that we are going to release two new features in our vulnerability management automation application – BlockChainSentry VMS

  1. Scan with Bytecode
  2. Scan with Smart Contract address

Now using the BCS VMS application you can Scan bytecode for vulnerability identification and remediation.

  • With this new feature, the bytecode can be scanned by developers, using the BCS application.
  • After logging into the BCS application, click on Scan bytecode in the main menu.
  • Add bytecode of your solidity file and run the scan, BCS VMS application automates the scanning and displays scan results.
  • It will help smart contract developers and security professionals to analyse the vulnerabilities.
  • By scanning the bytecode, developers can see the severity level of vulnerability and prioritize remediation steps based on it.

Users can also Scan with Smart contract address, the process remains the same, here the developers can select scan with smart contract address feature and provide the smart contract address for scanning the code into the BCS VMS application.

With these new enriching features, our application can help you scan local files, remote files, bytecodes, and also through smart contract addresses for managing vulnerabilities of your smart contracts.

If you are struggling with the manual vulnerability management process for remediating your smart contracts, then the BlockChainSentry VMS application is the right product for you. BCS VMS can automate the process of identifying and remediating all vulnerabilities just by scanning them into the application.

Soon we'll be coming up with more features, "so stay tuned."

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