39 Blockchain Vulnerabilities That Developers Must Protect From The Smart Contracts

39 Blockchain Vulnerabilities That Developers Must Protect From The Smart Contracts


There is much that Blockchain developers can learn from the Trojan War. The blocks in a blockchain are secure like the Trojan fortress. However, the chains which are transaction end points are open to vulnerabilities and possible points for attacks on the BlockChain just as was the Trojan Horse

The Blockchain Security Community has been alert to the situation. Even though BlockChains are generally considered to be secure, trustworthy and reliable, they are open to cyber attacks. There have been several BlockChain heists which have cost the industry tens of millions of dollars. An exhaustive list of all the Blockchain vulnerabilities does not exist. However, 39 of the publicly known vulnerabilities have been published in literature.

In Homer’s classic poem Iliad, the Greeks lay siege toTroy but are unable to capture it. The walls of the fortress are strong and the defenses solid. The siege drags on for ten years with no success. Then, the Greeks think of a ruse. They pretend to burn their tents and withdraw leaving a large wooden horse at the gates of the fort entrance. Twenty of the best Greek warriors hide inside the horse. The Trojans, julilant at the sight of the withdrawing Greeks assume that they have won the war. They drag the wooden horse as a war trophy, celebrate and then fall asleep. The Greek warriors descend from the wooden horse, pounce upon the unsuspecting Trojans and open the gates to the fortress. The rest is history.

BlockChainSentry has developed a solution that scans for all 39 of the publicly known vulnerabilities, pinpoints their location, catalogus their severity and displays the results on a user-friendly dashboard in real time. The application is rugged and scalable. It is industry-agnostic and is deployable at multiple points in the Blockchain life cycle. Developers and users alike in finance, retail, healthcare, engineering and data processing can benefit. The BlockChainSentry app is a useful tool in vulnerability and compliance audits.

BLOCKCHAINSENTRY (www.blockchainsentry.com) is an international company registered in the state of Delaware, USA. It works closely with Delixus Inc (www.delixusinc.com), based in Silicon Valley, California and Bangalore, India, and recognized as a leading provider of cyber security products and services.